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Mags and Julie Go On A Road Trip is a heartfelt, laugh out loud buddy movie,

written and directed by award-winning director Ryann Liebl.

Starring Internet sensation Wes Tank who shot to fame with his Dr.Seuss/Dr.Dre rap videos and Nashville Artist Elisabeth Donaldson who has exploded on the comedy scene. The film also features American Idol Golden Ticket winner Franki Moscato.  Plus, a varied cast of hilarious seasoned Midwest talent.

The film was shot and is set entirely in Wisconsin and highlights the beauty of the state. 

This female directed, written and produced film has been compared to "Bridesmaids" "Planes, Trains and Automobiles" and the Lampoon/Vacation comedies. It's a family friendly laugh out loud comedy with heart.


Official RELEASE is Thanksgiving/Nov24th for the US and Canada

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